Dicovery of Laos

Exams have come to their end so it is time for one last trip. This time, I will visit Laos and Vietnam. The Laos part of the trip, I have travel through the north of the country by bus with only one friend this time, I have joined the others in Vietnam. We arrived in... Lire la Suite →


Elephant sanctuary

Those weeks, I have been really busy. First, my final exams started and I have a big mass of lectures to learn. It is not properly difficult, but it takes time. In the other hand, we are planning our last trips, including the 2-and-a-half weeks we have after the end of the semester and before... Lire la Suite →

Tioman island

Last weeks were pretty tranquil. My mother came at our place for one week. It was weird to have her here as it is not a place I am use to see family but I was proud to show her our house and glad to see her as it has been a long time since... Lire la Suite →


Time flies here and I did not even notice that it has been 2 weeks since I did not write. The come back from Indonesia changed our life style here. We consider our house more like our home now and we entered in some kind of “routine”. During the last weeks, many parents or brother... Lire la Suite →

Indonesian trip

As we were on a vacation break, we decided to go to Indonesia. First we went to Java island. After a stop at Surabaya, we arrived in Yogyakarta to see Borodurur and Prambanan temples. We slept in a homestay near Borodurur temple in order to see the sunrise on the temple. After a short night,... Lire la Suite →

Pangkor Island and first marks

The break is almost here (we are leaving tomorrow to Indonesia!) and after planning everything and ending our exams, we went out for the weekend. Firstly we wanted to go to Singapore, but we changed our mind and went to Pangkor Island. The main reason is that we were tired and wanted to change from... Lire la Suite →

Everyday-life as a mobility student

Microbiology lecture I had my first exams this week. And obviously came before it the time to work. So no trip since Cameron Highlands so I am going to write about my week days at UPM. I have only 4 days of lectures from Monday to Thursday as I already told you. And my days... Lire la Suite →

Batu Caves and Cameron Highland

It as been three weeks since I arrived in Malaysia. Now using taxis or seeing cars on the wrong side of the road (they drive on the left side of the road) is normal for me. At the residence we are taking habits : the colocation is more and more easy, we go to the... Lire la Suite →

First week in Malaysia

First day at UPM with all the international students I am in Malaysia since one week. Life here is different. It is really hot like 30°C every day and it is hard for me to adapt as it was winter in France. With my 4 friends, we rent a big house which is pretty cool.... Lire la Suite →

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